Would you like to be the proud owner of 'Morph', sculpted especially for you by creator Peter Lord CBE, signed and in a unique presentation box?
Morph will be auctioned live at a venue in York on 7 June. You can use this form to submit your maximum bid if you can't attend on the night. The highest bid (from both the room and online) will be the auction winner.

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Remember, bidders at the live event will NOT be aware what the maximum online bid has been. If bidding in the room stops and there has been a higher bid online, then the online bid will 'win'.

I authorise the University of York (Auctioneer: Rodney Tennant) to bid on 'Morph' on my behalf. *

If you select 'no' we will not be able to include your bid. By selecting 'yes' you are agreeing to pay the maximum bid you have submitted.
Please now enter your maximum bid in whole pounds (£)

This auction is to raise money for student hardship bursaries at the University of York. The aim is to raise as much as possible for this great cause.
Thank you for bidding. We will let you know if you have been successful after the event. If you have a query or wish to cancel your bid please email us at alumni@york.ac.uk
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